Shrine Street

If I were to flip out a notepad file and write down a list of every single topic and piece of media I currently have a mid-to-strong interest in that file would be in its hundredth petaflop by the following morning. Most autistics these days call everything they're into a "special interest" "hyperfixation". As one myself I detest the sterile terminology of this era and prefer to call them what they really are, which is "cool stuff i'm into".

I don't see the distinction between a special interest and an interest one. Either i'm completely 100% obsessed with this one thing for which there's barely any content discussing it online (which forces me to read the primary source material and not secondhand sources, gosh I feel like a pioneer!), or I don't give a single hoot about it.

That being said, please note there is a very, very, very low chance of you already having heard about the things i'm about to describe.

c'mon let's go!