Webpage of the very talented author of Unicorn Jelly and Pastel Defender Heliotrope, Jennifer Diane Reitz. An extremely imaginative person who's made lots of interesting things, mostly science fiction. The website's been around for a while and has a veritable amount of old internet lore. A rabbit hole you won't regret going down.

One of my favourite websites of all time. It's an archive of dreams by Chris Wayan, illustrated in his surreal and trippy art style. It reminds me of Elfquest. He's also got a section of his website called Planetocopia which catalogues a number of incredibly detailed fictional planets described with their geography, climates, ecosystems, plants, animals, sapient races and all that. It's also worth noting he goes out of his way to actually paint globes of his planets and cuts up barbie dolls to make alien centauresses, it's wild.

A bestiary of fantastical beasts from North American folklore, which I find is a very underrated mythology that hasn't seen much use, even within its own country. Which is honestly a shame considering the USA's media output, but I guess vampires and werewolves will always be more marketable than agropelters and hidebehinds.

The above, but Japanese.

Absolutely massive webstie storing megabytes of old pulp novels in PDF format. Has a sci-fi section. One of the most comprehensive i've seen. Far more accessible and easy to navigate than

All about that vintage sci-fi written before the moon landings which are set in versions of the planets in our solar system that're inhabited because we didn't have any way of proving they weren't until we sent up the probes. Home to the Ooranye worldbuilding project that used to have its own website before it was moved there. which is set on a habitable Uranus where the natives believe in teleology.

Religious, mythological and philosophical texts from pretty much every culture on the planet. Includes all sorts of wacky magical stuff by relatively-modern (19-20th century) occult societies and new religious movements. Very fascinating. Infinitely valuable resource. You won't find it anywhere else in one place. Highly recommend.