Dream Diary

(These were recounted on a discord server seconds after waking up)

28th of August, 2023

I was in a cavernous mall, all the lights were off, and kfc was serving a meal called "chicken & curry". the floor was slippery, I was wearing socks, and every time I tried to move I was sent skidding over the place. and the way out was this tall square room with a conveyor belt for a floor that you had to move with your own feet.

when I got home my yard had been invaded by a flock of tiny birds called ceseres or something like that, followed by moles which fused together in kiddie pools. I think i accidentally fell over and crushed some ceseres. I spent the rest of the dream thinking about how i was gonna dispose of the bodies (edited)

8th of September, 2023

i just woke up from a dream in which i was sleeping in bed on a mulch bed at the carpark in my university

when i woke up in the dream, the bed was gone and i was covered in insects

then i ran to a nearby river and saw the torn up blanket, and I was fucking pissed off

someone came from behind a building and said they did it for shits and giggles

and i fell into a despair only to wake up in the same bed that was thrown into the river

8th of January, 2024

went to my grandparents house with a sword to kill a giant spider

when I defeated the spider, it turned into some kind of female spider-human hybrid, like a drider

don't know what happened after she transformed but after that I was vaguely aware we had unprotected sex.

after that one of my friends joked about me having to spend my life savings on child support on account of the number of kids she was going to have.

at that moment i was fully, truly convinced i had fucked her and that everything that happened was completely real

i came back the next day and she was just a regular spider

16th of January, 2024

i showed up outside of a small field with dry grass, across it was a barbed wire fence and past that was an abandoned restaurant with the words "CHIMERA CAFÉ (line break) INDIAN AND THAI RESTAURANT.

The building was sand coloured and completely drab with no decorations, it was literally just a block. There was also a version of burnside school right next to it which was in a similar condition.

a bunch of uni students in pickup trucks stopped by to have an "80s party" and my cousin was playing music for them. I joined in but my tooth got loose

Like i could vividly feel it, i could feel that my tooth was only connected to my gum by a tiny sliver of flesh

I was wondering if i was ever gonna get that tooth back because i dont have any of my milk teeth anymore, but this was the most vivid tooth-losing experience ive had in my life since i actually lost my teeth

I was fiddling with the tooth and it got looser and looser until what came out made me legitimately sick. It wasnt a tooth.

12th of February, 2024

i was checking out this messy, demented secondhand bookstore, it was incredibly huge, the roof was low, shelves and books were stacked everywhere, and the wall was made of this dusty fluffy brown stuff

i then ended up exiting into this weird ass seaside building sort of like new brighton library except there was a train bwetween the beach and a building. there was this french guy screaming "run away, get away"

it turned out there was a train crash, lots of blood and bits of metal and machinery were everywhere but i had the impression there was something very gruesome going on over there so i didnt look

i went and asked him what was going on and he said a murderous puma had just escaped the train

a bunch of people were going to stop the puma so for some reason I picked up a weapon that just appeared on me and joined them

7th of March, 2024

i was looking at youtube. it was one of those dreams where i was on my phone but the display took up my entire field of vision. it was as if i was in the phone.

so anyways Alex Kister had just uploaded a video called "Declassification of Unknown Footage".

that was about it.